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Hi, my name is Amanda Froelich.

I’m a 20-year-young Holistic Nutritionist (RHN Diploma, CSNN), Live Foods Chef (previous work experience at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, Pomegranate Café (AZ), and Farm of Life (Costa Rica)), Energy Worker (Reiki II), Artist, Musical vocalist and instrument player, Freelance Writer (specialty: alternative health, sustainable living, conscious living and spiritual connectedness), and entrepreneur. Amanda6

I grew up in the Black Hills of South Dakota, always knowing there was more to life than the typical 9-5 grind and unfulfilled life. My health issues (overweight, eating disorder, cystic acne, depression) led me into a vegetarian lifestyle at the age of 15, and shortly after I did my research (you must know why you go vegetarian in a state like South Dakota!) shortly after.

Blessed to work at a health food store at the young age of 16, I managed the tiny store during my after school shift, did homework, and slowly immersed myself into the raw foods lifestyle. Needless to say, I was quite an ‘interesting’ individual in my home town. I spent my free time studying alternative health and holistic nutrition, for it was the most fascinating subject I couldn’t believe wasn’t popular!


The idea that one could heal themselves through their diet and lifestyle quite simply blew my mind, and it was information I wanted everyone to know. At age 16, I was fully immersed in the raw foods lifestyle and started teaching raw food classes (free) to anyone who would listen and come to a food demonstration. They were well received, but people still didn’t have an idea of how to start out on such a venture.

Upon graduating at age 17, I immediately moved to Washington to go to school for Nutrition and Exercise science. However, this path did not sync, even though it was the most natural, open-minded college I could find in the US. Thankfully fate stepped in, and for various reasons I soon left school and headed down to the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, a world-renowned live foods retreat center in Patagonia, AZ. It was here I fell in love with the human spirit and potential of mankind. I had never experienced such peaceful, loving individuals, and knew I had to jump into this full time.


After turning down a job at the Tree of Life (too much of a long-term commitment at such a young age and with so much ambition), I traveled around for a little bit and eventually landed an incredible job at the Pomegranate Café in Phoenix, Arizona. I was studying on the side, accumulating accreditation and certification through various schools in Personal Training (ACE), Detoxification (ISD), and Travel Writing (Matador U).


This job allowed me to fully embrace and gain incredible culinary skills through experience. I was able to take my passion from self-taught art and creativity into a professional calling. Put in charge of a raw food line, it was common for me to produce giant bags of raw snacks and have them sell out by the end of the day. It was an incredible experience to work with Cassie and Marlene Tolman, plus the rest of the staff… But soon enough I felt called to experience more. (Left: I met some of my best friends at this location!)


Enter, Farm of Life, Costa Rica. When I came across the healthy oasis a few years back, I vowed I would visit the sweetly tucked away center someday. I was pleased to be accepted for a volunteer-ship for 3 months at the farm, and for the first time, left the US. I had one bag, grand ambitions, and a computer to document it all.

Since then, I’ve become the permanent head chef at Farm of Life, and run an online business (Bloom) which offers Holistic Nutrition consulting, freelance writing (I write for a popular alternative media site, True Activist and work with various clients), and soon…more.



But it’s only just begun! My personal journey has been one of extraordinary awakenings and grand ambition. Spirituality permeates throughout my entire being (as it does yours, though you may just not be awake of it), and my energy to do good and create beautiful opportunities in life has not receded, but grown.

Many more developments are soon to come, though it will be a venture which requires assistance from others. Stay tuned for those updates.

1579713_10151953559079538_591559961_nOn a personal front, adopting a natural, sustainable, and spiritually-driven life has allowed me to heal all of my body ailments, gain profound mental clarity and connectedness with the Earth and spirit world, and give what I’ve learned to others in a creative way.

I absolutely love my life and wish to share it with others. For that reason, I’ve created a few different blogs to inspire and share information with others. I’m human, just like everyone else, but I know now that there is no reason to settle for an old paradigm of living. Instead, I declare I want to live an extraordinary life, help millions, create abundance for all, and be the brightest light I can be.

Thank you for reading my journey. Please check out all of my blogs which can be found at Bloom for Life, and stay in touch if you’re interested in any of my services.


Amanda Froelich

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